uppereastside asked: listen, im sorry i already wrote you this a couple of months ago but i need to tell you again that this blog is perfect. thank you so much for doin it

Aww! Thank you! x

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Anonymous asked: This is speculative, but I'm guessing that Miranda kept her last name. I'm a lawyer, and many successful female lawyers keep their last names even after they get married. I always thought Miranda and Brady kept the Hobbes last name.

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Anonymous asked: this always bothered me, but they never addressed it in the show, but when miranda had brady, he was known as brady hobbs. when steve and miranda got married, was brady's last name still hobbs or hobbs-brady, brady-hobbs or still brady? wouldn't that make him brady brady?

Haha I’ve often thought about this too. That would make him Brady Brady, yes. On another note, I’m sorry for the lack of posts; life has been shitty lately but I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. Thanks for being patient x

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That’s me. What’s yours?

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Lovely followers! Thank you for this past year; thank you for following, reblogging and being part of this wonderful little community of Sex and the City lovers that we’ve all created together. I love you all! Even though I’ve felt a little less than wonderful over the last couple of days (those of you who follow my personal blog have probably noticed, because THANK YOU! for the sweet messages and sorry I haven’t replied yet) I plan to go out tonight and celebrate all those good and wonderful moments I’ve had this year rather than the last couple of shitty days because 2013 has been a mostly stellar year. I can’t wait to see what the new year brings. Have a wonderful time tonight, all of you, and again, thank you for being part of my little blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND SEE YOU IN 2014!!!!


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