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Anonymous said: Relationship problem?

Me? Right now? Eh. Ish. Not a relationship per se, but guy problems, sure.

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Anonymous said: yo


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Anonymous said: there's a moment in season 5 where carrie tells big that he's ''the chrysler building'' do you have any caps of this? thanks :)

i have nearly 7,000 posts up so i can’t say for sure if i have that one specific cap or not… but browse the season 5 tag! if it’s not there, let me know!

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saintoinette said: No tv show has ever broaden my thoughts like satc did. Finally I found a great satc quotes blog! Thank you soooooooo much!!!

you’re welcome! thank you for following :-)

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Anonymous said: I am so lost. He is 34. I'm 27. We have been together for almost 2 years and I found out he is trying to meet 18 year olds on dating sites. He is trying to get one girl out of state to come visit him.I'm so broken. I don't know where to go from here.

that sucks majorly, but you obviously deserve a million times better than him. you’re beautiful and smart and wonderful and your perfect match is out there, somewhere. 

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Anonymous said: hi where can i watch satc with english subtitles?

no idea, sorry! i own all the dvd’s so i’ve never had to search for the episodes online.

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Anonymous said: omg i absolutely love your blog! i don't need any other blogs, yours is all i need. u r making my life complete. can i ask how many followers u have?

hi! thanks! i’m a little shy of 22,000 followers. :-)

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Kissing is the best.

Kissing is the best.

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