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Anonymous said: Have you watched The Carrie Diaries?

I haven’t!

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Aw come on Tumblr, you’re breaking my heart. 

Aw come on Tumblr, you’re breaking my heart. 

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mariannambl said: Hi, my English isn't very good but I need to tell you about something I was thinking watching season 6 again, I love satc, and it's kinda my bible, but then I'm in a weird relationship with someone I truly love, he's like big, doing things that really hurt me, and always saying he will change some day, so maybe I keep letting him get back because in some way in my head people do change cause satc thought me that.. I know it's my fault but idk, it's hard and I wish Carrie kept Aidan for myself.

People do change, yes. But don’t be with someone who isn’t great to you right now, all the time, constantly. You deserve the best.

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Anonymous said: Do u like the Twilight saga?

This is by far the most random question I have ever received and it’s making me really laugh… But to answer your question, I don’t have an opinion! I’ve read the first book and it was okay but wasn’t interesting enough to make me want to read the rest. And I haven’t seen the movies. 

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Anonymous said: I gotta disagree. If he hasn't talked to you in a while and only hits you up at 2 am tell him to fuck off until he can take you out to dinner.

I see your point! And I agree, kind of, a little. Mostly I just enjoyed it so much because it was nice to just sleep in the same bed as someone who wasn’t a jerky guy about it (ie bootycall). We really did just spoon and nothing else.

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Life tip: When a cute guy that you’ve hung out with a couple of times but haven’t heard from in a while texts you at two in the morning and asks if he can come over and spoon, always say yes. That is all.

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